Where in the world are we from

The new kid on the block is DNA.  There have been great strides over the last years in DNA testing and how family historians/genealogists can use this information to help with their research.

There is controversy around DNA collection and there is a view that this is mass DNA collecting at the expense of the consumer, that people are getting more information than they bargained for.  There are individuals who are being traced as a result of DNA testing, where extended and unknown family members are sending in their DNA and then using open source data (ie Facebook) to trace these people – who may still wish to remain anonymous. 

Ancestry use ‘autosomal DNA testing’ which uses DNA found in a chromosome inherited from both mother and father and contains bits of genetic sequences from past generations.

I had my DNA tested a few years ago and this shows that my ancestry is English, Irish and a little bit Scottish.  Not sure where the Norway region comes into the story and Wales is very small %.

England & NW Europe37%
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